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Research Proposal

A research proposal is a brief and clear summary (up to 2500 words) of your wished-for research. You must outline the principal concern or the questions you intend to cover. When writing research proposals students should thoroughly detail the topic.

Research proposals include fine details and no information should be considered too small for or irrelevant to the topic. As a research writer, yo u must demonstrate a sense of originality. The topic you intend to cover must clearly be explained in the proposal if only you want to secure approval.

Your lecturer or your financier has the right to refuse your proposal if it shows deficiencies in material, explanation and relevance. In addition to ensuring that the proposal is informative enough, avoid going out of the topic as this will lower chances of success.
Uses of Research Proposals
1. To Get Funding:
Research proposals help you get funding. The research project requires money that you may not have. So submit a proposal that makes sense to get the funds you need.

2. To Acquire Institutional Approval:
A student is mandated to write a research proposal to his or her instructor or institutional review board for certification purposes. We will make your lecturer see sense in your research proposal.
What to Include in a Research Proposal
The following must be present in your research proposal.
Give your research proposal(s) an intriguing topic to convince your audience. The entire research proposal should be centered on the topic.
In no more than 100 words, write the summary of your research proposal. Include the central issue you want to address or the central question you want to work on. The abstract of your research proposal must be as concise as possible so that the target audience understands what the paper is going to be talking about.
Research context
Include the background of the proposal topic without forgetting to explain the general area of your study. In short, explain everything there is regarding the topic: background, your current state of knowledge, debates on the topic and hence forth.

Research Questions

Set out the questions to guide you in your research. The question (s) the proposal must be as specific as possible and relevant. Choose 1-3 questions for your research paper.

Research Methods

Explain how you will undertake your research. The main research methods are field work, interviews, visiting library or archives etc. However, majority of research is done in the library. So if your research is library-oriented, include your fundamental resources such as journal articles, periodical, law reports, etc.

Significance of Research

Demonstrate how important your research is. Explain why you need it approved and how it will make the society a better place. will give you a proposal that will wow your audience and make your financier or education review committee approve it immediately.

Include all relevant sources you have used for your proposal

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