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Proposal Writing

A proposal is a document that offers a solution to a problem or course of action that is in response to a need. Most of the times, proposal writing is used to initiate and foster a relationship between an organization and a potential donor.

Proposal writing is the activity of composing text and merging it into a single document that will act as a response to a need or solution to a course of action. Proposal is divided into six types, namely: formally solicited, informally solicited, unsolicited, continuation, renewal and supplemental. Proposal writing serves different categories such as business and research. In proposal writing, one can choose either to customize or not customize their document. Custom writing refers to creating unique exclusive content that fully matches your requirements. This is a form of proposal writing that one chooses not to use the identifiable formats but their own format in writing whatever is needed.

Business proposals are documents used to persuade targeted clients to buy a particular service or product. Not only are they used to persuade targeted clients but they are also used to seek investors and venture capitalists. Business proposals are predominantly used in services industries such as software development, graphic design and website design.

A research proposal is a concise and coherent summary of your proposed research. It circles the fundamental issues or queries that you aim to address. The difference between a research proposal and a research paper is, in a research proposal, you are suggesting what you will later report on. If accepted, then you perform the research that you proposed and write the research paper or report. Research papers which are also known as dissertations are used mainly in universities. Majorly at postgraduate level or in research centers.
There are various industries that need proposal writing. Some of these industries are non-governmental organizations, corporations, government agencies, learning institutions and many more. Proposal writing is with no doubt the main machine used to drive funds from donors willing to fund a charitable project in charitable organizations. How it is done matters a lot. Characteristics of good proposal writing are, clarity, comprehensiveness, well researched, relevancy and ability to convince. In proposal writing, facts should be well articulated because ambiguity is a huge mistake. Grammatical errors also dilute the credibility of the document.
When it comes to the area of documentation, proposal writing is very essential. If done correctly, it will see the organization attain its goals and objectives in minimal time. One solution is when you are presenting a proposal try to find someone who is highly skilled in proposal writing to write it. The person can be a member of your organization or you can outsource.

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